One of the most common failures of N54 powered BMWs is MSD80 (DME aka ECU). Usually MOSFETs inside the DME fail on load. 


This is when you should upgrade your MSD80 to MSD81. You only need to send us your CAS module and one of your keyfobs.


You can also send us your injectors flowing rate numbers and we can code them in before sending your items back to you.


Turn around is the SAME DAY! 


YES! You send us your CAS and KEY then we return them back to you SAME DAY!



Please Click HERE to learn about how to remove your CAS module.


MSD81 Upgrade

I will provide a donor MSD81
I want extra Key(s)
  • There is a re-stocking fee of %25 for any DME that is returned by customer's choice. 

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