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The service to repair of FRM3R PL2 PL3 module. The FRM may stop working if your tried to jump start your car or battery was dead. We repair your module to working state and recover its original coding* so you don't need to pay dealer for re-coding. It is plug-and-play!


You would have to remove the module and send it to us for repair. In most cases we are able to restore the original flash files in the FRM’s micro, so there won’t be any need for re-coding once the FRM is installed back into the vehicle. 


Failure Symptoms:
• No communication with the FRM.
• Lights are staying on or not working at all.
• Headlights are stuck on.
• Power windows, sunroof, mirrors, central locking system no longer work.


Turnaround Time:
FRM is repaired and send back in the same day.


If you need help locating and/or removing your FRM3 module CLICK HERE to see the instructions.

FRM3 Repair

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